Employment Of A Nut Shell

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Employment in a nut Shell (Assignment 2) Institution: Name: Employment in a nut shell assignment 2 What the illustrations are of work related torts? (P.10-16) Other work related torts include; invasion of privacy, which states that an employee privacy at a workplace is limited though the employer should be not get to far in that. Defamation, which incorporates an individual’s reputation, character, fame and malicious statements. It prohibits actions that may have adverse effects on an employee public figure. False imprisonment, which protects an employee from unwarranted detention for any length of time where by an individual’s personal right to liberty is violated. Fraudent misrepresentation, which occurs when an employer dishonestly makes a presentation of false fact law or opinion against an employee. How employment is typically defined, and how does one determine whether there is a contract? (P.17) Employment is a relationship under which an individual seek to perform certain duties or render services under a contract of hire. To determine if a contract exists, one must endeavor to seek if all the three elements of a contract exits. This elements include acceptance, offer and consideration. In what ways are binding employer commitments made? (P.17) In order to bind an employee commitments, an employer should enter into restrictive covenants with
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