Employment Of Persons With Disabilities

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Employment of persons with Disabilities There is a lot of myth and stereotypes about employing persons with disabilities. As the baby boomers begin to retire, many organizations will struggle to find qualified workforce. Studies have shown that by 2050, the current older Americans retiring would double. It says that 10,000 men and women will be reaching 65 years every day by 2050 (Lehman & Wirt, (2014). Such demographic shifts will create employment vacuums that will need policy changes by both government and businesses. Hiring, training and retaining persons with disabilities could be one of the answers to labor shortages in the coming years. There are many barriers to employment when it comes to person with disabilities. This paper will review problems of high unemployment with persons of disabilities and propose that training persons with disabilities for hard to fill jobs will increase employment opportunities. Counselors and professional helpers must begin to look at demand side economics to improve employment of persons with disabilities. Access to education and training will help reduce long-term poverty by ensuring long-term employment. Increasing communication, solving access problems, providing education, improving skills, and analyzing demand side employment would increase employment of persons with disabilities and reduce long-term poverty. Vocational counselors must improve communication with employers and educate organizations about employing
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