Employment Problems in the Us

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Employment Problems In The U.S.

Downsizing, restructuring, rightsizing, even a term as obscure as census readjustment has been used to describe the plague that has been affecting corporate America for years and has left many of its hardest working employees without work. In the year 2001 we had nearly 1.8 million jub cuts, that's almost three times as much as the year 2000(Matthew Benz). In the 1990's, one million managers of American corporations with salaries over $40,000 also lost their jobs. In total, Fortune 500 companies have eliminated 4.4 million positions since 1979 including the 65,000 positions cut in February of 2002 (Ellen Florian). Although this downsizing of companies can have many reasons behind it and cannot be
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Many steps can be taken to ease the transition of the employees after downsizing occurs. For the employees who were let go from the company, reasonable severance packages should be offered to help the person until a new job is found (Roger & ME, Micheal Moore). Downsizing not only affects workers that have been terminated, but also affects the survivors. This is commonly referred to as the survivor syndrome( Floyd Griffin). Many people who survive as a result of downsizing often live with the fear that they too will be terminated. They are often shell shocked and distrustful. They are mentally scared survivors of an economic restructuring that they have never seen before. In this constant climate of economic insecurity, their jobs are constantly being redefined. They are forced to meet new levels of production criteria requiring them to do more work in less time and the notion of job security is obsolete. As for the remaining employees, simple means of communication can be very important. One of the major reasons for employee problems after a downsizing is the mistrust in the management and lack of knowledge regarding their own job status. If the employees are informed of what is transpiring within their company, they might not be fearful of losing their job, or so quick to stab a fellow employee in the back. This problem has affected millions of families in America and has forced
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