Employment Recruitment And Selection : How Do Employers Attract And Retain Excellent Employees?

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Employment Recruitment & Selection: How do employers attract and retain excellent employees? Introduction This research paper will discuss the process of recruiting employees, interviewing them, and onboarding them in a way that inspires longevity. There are standard methods in the human resource process of bringing new employees into an organization which meet compliance, legal, and safety requirements. However, the methods presented here, in this research paper, will include substantiated practices that focus on a set of goals: • Loyalty—inspiring employees to be champions for the success of the organization. • Perseverance/retention—saving on future recruitment costs and keeping proprietary information safe. • Productivity—finding…show more content…
The executive leadership is made up six men who have been with the organization from the beginning. The CEO recently retired and appointed his daughter, who has years of experience in the industry, but her ideas and philosophy differ from his. While she believes in the founding principle of being an innovation and technology company, her new strategy is to turn Gizmos, Inc. major sales organization. This research paper will deliver Gizmos, Inc. with recruitment, selection, and onboarding solutions. Recruitment: Find/Attract Employees Gizmos, Inc. is changing the way they attract new talent, and seeks to grow a new sales force from the ground up. Currently sales are handled by administrative staff in the marketing department. In order to meet a demand for improved deliveries of high quality custom gear products, Gizmos, Inc.’s sales force must have a keen understanding, and industry knowledge in technology, design, and application in several markets including aircraft, medical, aerospace, defense, energy, marine and automotive, and be willing to do strong outside sales relationship building. Gizmos, Inc. already has talented team members in research, design, and marketing departments, than can take credit for brining Gizmos, Inc. into the number two place within the custom gear industry, according to the trade magazine, Gear Solutions. With a company
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