Employment Relations Is A Better Pragmatic And Informed Theoretical Approach

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Employment relations is a more pragmatic and informed theoretical approach which is closely associated with industrial relations (Kramar, 1997). Hence, according to (Kramar, 1997), Employment relations can be defined as a “study of the formal and informal rules which regulate the employment relationship and social processes which create and enforce these rules”. In this context, industrial relations is defined as an area which consisted of all aspects of work, problems that affected both employees and employers thereby including the practices of both employer and worker organizations (Kaufman, 2001). The term employment relations integrates all the three concepts of “industrial relations”, “human resource management” and “employee relations” with human resource management being the administrative area that focusses more on the employees of the organization (Rouse, 2015) and employee relations being more focussed on the practical, emotional and physical relationship between an employer and employee (HRZone, 2015).
Employment relations integrates a range of sub-microscopic functions that consist of systems for workforce governance, work organization, staffing and the growth of reward systems (Budhwar, 2003). It is concentrated in the management of all the employment relationships in the firm thereby including managers as well as non-management labour (Budhwar, 2003). In an era which is marked by the decline of trade unions, national pay bargaining and more so changes in the…

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