Employment Relations at Starbucks Corporation

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Introduction Employment relations are rapidly changing in today's world and examining a current, real world situation helps to add context and provide an excellent learning opportunity. The purpose of this essay is twofold. First the essay will identify and critically examine the roles of the key players in an employment relationship. Next, the essay will examine to what extent good management practice contributes to the roles of the key players in the relationship. In order to accomplish these tasks I have chosen the company Starbucks to analyze and give meaning to these arguments. This essay will attempt to accomplish other tasks as well. This essay will explain the current situation of employee relations in the UK which include the social and legal parameters in which these relations exist. This argument will also identify and highlight the many differing ideas and perspectives that are currently seen in today's workplace. Modernization and market trends will be important concepts in which my argument will be based upon. This essay will also evaluate the roles and mind frames of the main actors in giving an accurate definition of the state of current employee relations. To help give a fuller context of the argument the essay will also attempt to examine and rate the processes and procedures of employment relations and the problems and conflicts that can arise. This will all be done by examining the coffee company Starbucks is a relevant an useful example of a
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