Employment Relationship Is Essential For Organizational Growth And Reputation

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The International Labor Organization (2015) defines employment relationship as a legal linkage between employees and employers that develops as an individual performs certain task within a given circumstance in exchange of remuneration. It has also been argued that employment relationships generate certain rights and obligations that are applicable on both employees and employers. The organization further points that the very existence of employment relationship forms fundamental condition for determination of applicability of social security and labor law provisions associated with employees. In this regard, it is noteworthy that employment relationship is essential for organizational growth and reputation (International Labor Organization, 2015). According to different theories of employment relationship, there can be three kinds of labor relationships; these are employment relationships within labor service market, nonunion firm and union firm. In this context, a union referred to any group of employees form an organization who works together for resolving various organizational issues and promoting underlying common interests of the union members (Abbott, 2006). Role of union has been considered crucial in organizations for generations and in this paper, role of trade union in employment relationship has been evaluated critically. Alongside, arguments have been presented to support the need of university graduates to join a union as they move ahead with their first job.
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