Employment Rights & Responsibilities Essay

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Employment Rights & Responsibilities As a new employee, the first course of action before commencing in your new job is to sign an employment contract specifying the laws relating to the conditions of work you must abide by. These laws cover aspects specific to your placement, such as the wage you receive, the hours you work, training and your holiday entitlements. You will also receive information to read and sign declaring your acceptance of the rules concerning legal matters, including such topics as health and safety, discrimination in the workplace, redundancy, dismissal, disciplinary procedures, union rights and consultation. These are just some of the many laws that may be covered in your contract. It is also important to…show more content…
They will decide the most appropriate course of action, possibly including the secondary party involved, or even taking the situation further to any higher managerial staff necessary, depending on the matter in reference. In this case scenario, it would then become classed as a formal grievance, and management will then record all issues and ask the employee to sign off validating their statements. These in turn will be shared with the appropriate supervisors. Both parties involved will be invited to a formal meeting with the possibility of bringing an advocate if they wish. It will be discussed and concluded by a neutral party who will decide the outcome of the grievance meeting, and inform the employee in question of the following appeals procedure if they are still not satisfied with the result. In this case scenario it will be taken to further superiors. If your name, or any of your contact details; address, phone numbers, emergency contact numbers, doctors details, medical issues and prescribed medicine or treatment, or bank details change, your employer must be informed immediately. These should be checked regularly to make sure they are still up to date. Effective communication both ways so that details and information relating to employment is up to date and relevant, as well as highlighting and informing of any job changes. Also
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