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Moral and Ethical Issues Involving Employment Terminations
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Moral and Ethical Issues Involving Employment Terminations
When the decision is made to terminate an employee-employer relationship, the employer faces a far more daunting challenge than simply being able to terminate the employee, with or without due cause. Difficult steps must be taken to ensure that all precautions, legal and ethical, have been scrutinized and actuated prior to the final decision to terminate the relationship. Present ethical guidelines stipulate that employers, especially those involved in management, are responsible for ensuring that ethics for both the company and the
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4). The decision to terminate an employee is difficult enough, considering the unavoidable legal and emotional factors involved during this process, but the additional and possible consequences that affect current employees and morale within the organization will evidently linger for some time. The decision to eliminate a fellow employee can either have positive or negative repercussions from his or her peers. Again, their reaction to this decision may be justified, depending on the organization’s true intent for the termination. If all possible alternatives have been exhausted, thus absolving any doubt of undue cause by the employer to rectify the employee’s behavior, then the impact to morale among current employees of the organization will be minimal and short-lived.
John Sample (fictitious name is used to protect against legal liabilities) has been working for his company as a call center support rep for about two years. During the first year and a half of his employment, John has performed above par and received several and various recognitions for his work performance by sales reps, who personally deal with clients and from clients themselves calling in their appraisal of John’s attentive care toward their individual problems. However, around the time of his second year anniversary John went through several personal issues relating

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