Employment Turnover in Hospitality Industry in Hanoi

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Table of contents Introduction 2 1. Rationale 2 2. Objectives 2 3. Research Question 2 4. Methodology 3 5. Setting and sample size 3 6. Limitations and problems 4 7. Study Design 4 Chapter 1: Literature Review 5 1.1 Definition of hospitality industry and its workforce 5 1.2 Definition of employment turnover, reasons and solutions 7 1.3 Employment turnover in hospitality industry 9 1.4 Hanoi’s hospitality and its employment turnover status 10 Chapter 2: Findings from interviews- a case study of 1911 13 2.1 Status of high staff turnover in Hanoi’s hospitality industry 13 2.2 The reasons of high turnover 15 2.3 The solutions to solve the problem of high turnover in Hospitality in Hanoi 18 Conclusion and Recommendation 19…show more content…
The interviewed group is also a combination of males and females, single and married people, with different ages. Consequently, with interviewees from different backgrounds, it is expected that the results from interviews will present no biased opinion. 6. Limitations and problems There are several problems that the research group may encounter while carrying out the research. The first problem concerns the availability of data. As the researchers are not majored in hospitality, it is difficult to access academic materials. The hospitality concept is also new in Vietnam. Therefore, little theoretical material could be found in libraries. There may be more information from the Internet and newspapers about hospitality staff turnover fact. However they may only refer to Vietnam in general, while our specific scope is Hanoi. The second problem is the fact that many interviewees might be reluctant to tell the staff turnover fact at their working place, as it would be consider ‘secret’. The study also has a considerable limitation. The results from desk research may mostly refer to Vietnam, as explained above. While the field research is conducted in one restaurant in Hanoi. Therefore, the situation of Hanoi hospitality industry staff turnover may not be completely concluded and generated. 7. Study Design Our research is designed in four main parts. Firstly, the introduction presents our rationale, objectives, research problem,

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