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Employment Vignette’s Research Limestone College Jessica Boykin Dr. Moss Legal in Business 3/24/2015 Employment Vignette’s Research Introduction Employment Vignettes are short cases with employments issues dealing with hiring, firing, demoting, and compensating individuals. Most of these issues can be address by Affirmative Action and discrimination laws .An affirmative action program is a management tool designed to ensure equal opportunity in recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, and compensating individuals. A good affirmative action program is a diagnostic tool that evaluates the composition of the workforce and compares it with the composition of the relevant labor pool and then includes practical steps addressing under utilization of specific groups. A number of federal and state statutes mandate that certain contractors maintain a written affirmative action program. I. BFF Background: In this employment vignette, two best friend (BFF) name Steve Addington and Jason Keller, who were acquainted with each other since high school, start creating a business together before Steve became a professional racer. After becoming a NASCAR driver, Steve hired Jason to be NASCAR crew chief. Jason gave his all and he was determined, hard-working, and professional chief crew. However, do to the response from the Sponsors of the Nascar’s Car Team performance, Steve fired Jason without any reason relating to his work ethics. Problem The problem with this vignette is

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