Employment and Law in the United States

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Employment and Law in the US [Name] [Name of the Institution] Employment and Law in the US List the recognized defenses to a claim of age discrimination. Companies must utilize following defenses to handle a claim of age discrimination. 1.Seeking an immediate expert legal advice Preferably prior to filing the Company's official reply to the claim it is a must to seek an expert legal advice on urgent basis. This will help in carrying out an early evaluation of the prospects of effectively defending the claim, and will also assist in handling the claim as quick and professionally as possible. 2. Take timely decisions It is crucial to analyze the chances of success of company's legal position at an early point in time, and at times it is better for the company to opt for a quick and agreeable settlement with the ex-employee in order to save the potential cost and time in fighting the claim. (Lindemann and Kadue, 2003) 3. Damage control If there is no way of settlement between the ex-employee and company and the claim has been sent to the court, it is better to hire PR consultants to handle any negative publicity related to the company. 4. Be clear about the events It is by and large advisable to review and prepare all facts and figures related to the claim as soon as possible to make sure that the Company is aware of all the main happenings being complained about. (Hartman and Bennett-Alexander, 2012) This will help discover any main areas of risk for
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