Employment and Performance Essay

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Assessment tool 2 1. When allocating work, what things should be taken into consideration? When Allocating work you need to implement a clear and precise goal that is achievable within the given time. The availability, knowledge and skills of the staff need to be considered before assigning them to a particular role to ensure the best outcomes. 2. Why are performance management systems necessary and how do you think performance appraisals contribute to performance and productivity in an organisation? Performance management systems help direct employees toward organisational goals by letting employees know what is expected of them and how it will be achieved. When an employee has been given the performance management system, they…show more content…
The coaching lasts for as long as is needed. Assessment Activity 12 Why is necessary to document and record performance? Documenting employee performance sends the message to an organisation's workers that their work is observed and acknowledged. As employees realise their work is acknowledged their level of engagement in their job increases. This causes productivity to increase. Also when managers meet with employees to discuss their performance reviews, employees can ask their managers questions about comments they gave regarding their performance. They can also discuss personal items such as work and life balance issues that impact their performance and work with their managers to arrive at solutions to the challenges. Assessment Activity 8 1. Why is it necessary that performance monitoring and evaluation be continuous process? To ensure employee improvement, productivity, satisfaction and to make it into an effective communication tool that enables feedback from employees to management as well as from management to employees. 2. Why should both managers and employees receive suitable training in how to handle performance review/appraisal interviews? Managers and employees both need training so they understand how the system works, how they can and should contribute, what the results of an appraisal should be and how the appraisal process fits with the organisations
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