Employment at Will

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The employment at will doctrine is such that, an employer can terminate an employee, at any time and for any cause, or no cause at all. Employment at will employees do not have an agreement and surety of continued employment, which is an issue of employee rights. There are several employee's right issues at workplaces; among which, one of the biggest issue of employees is their uncertainty towards their length of work employment. This leads to a lack of job security and an unsafe, and an unfair working environment for the employee. An employee should be able to enjoy basic employee rights. They should be able to participate and be informed about what is happening, in the workplace. Moreover, they should have the right to privacy, which…show more content…
If both can enjoy the freedom of contract then both deserve the freedom of speech as well. At the end, it is not fair upon the employee because he/she does not have the bargaining power and ultimately has to deal with the employer’s decisions, even if it is fired for reasons unknown. Employees should have the right to freedom of speech and right to privacy outside the workplace. Under Employment at will doctrine, an employer can terminate an employee any time for any reason or for no reason. In the case of the company at Fargo, the business owner made a decision to fire the employee because the employee was setting a bad reputation for the company by leaving negative comments about the company on his Facebook page. If we look at it from a utilitarian approach, then firing an employee at-will is, however, reasoned to be needed for better productivity and efficiency. To get rid of unproductive employees it is best that they are at will employees because only, then they can ensure efficiency by having productive workers and better outcome. Since employers have the right to hire and fire whenever they please, in this situation it is reasonable for the employer to fire the employee for discovering that she had left negative comments about their business on the Facebook page. In the utilitarian approach it is best to abide by those that provide greatest benefits for greater number of people. On the other hand, employees should not
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