Employment of People with Disabilities Essay

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Employment of People with Disabilities Successful employment remains a critical issue for people with disabilities, although legislative mandates and a gradual change in attitudes across our culture have brought about some improvement. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 has clarified the legal rights of both individuals with disabilities and employers; at the same time, however, both groups still face important issues in employment, such as the disclosure of disabilities and the provision of reasonable workplace accommodations. Likewise, successful employment experiences require a match between the skills of individuals with disabilities and the skills needed for jobs. The Americans with Disabilities Act Federal…show more content…
Major life activities are things an average person can do with little or no problem (e.g., walking, speaking, working, learning). Covered employment practices include recruitment, hiring, training, pay, benefits, promotions, leave, job layoffs, and firing. Workers with Disabilities and the Labor Market Hotchkiss (2003) analyzed Current Population Survey data to investigate the status of disabled workers (i.e., workers with a disability as defined in ADA) in the labor market 10 years after the passage of ADA. She found that workers with disabilities, taken as a group, were about 6 years older than other workers, worked about 4 fewer hours per week, and were more likely to be single and less likely to have a college degree. Before ADA, persons with disabilities were less likely to
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