Employment with a Criminal Background Essay

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Employment with a Criminal Background Seeking employment is highly competitive, and it becomes more difficult when in poverty and with a criminal past. Many factors influence this complex situation. Hiring an exconvict does pose a risk to the employer, and negative stereotypes reinforce anxiety over this risk. A common belief is that a criminal background means a person can’t be trusted and that they might re-offend, and if the applicant re-offends the employer could be charged with negligent hiring. The theory that criminals commit crime for financial reasons suggests a linking between poverty and crime. Placing offenders in employment brings stability and serves to reduce the tendency to re-offend. There are training programs…show more content…
This research was consistent with other studies that showed that convictions for violent crime were usually turn offs to employers. The employer is also concerned with how the crime committed relates to the job at hand. Will the applicant be tempted to commit the act again if in a similar environment to that involved in the crime? For example, many employers worry about theft when hiring exoffenders in part because there are many opportunities to re-commit this crime (Henry and Odiorne). Thus, the applicant’s criminal background can be examined for seriousness of the offense and the likelihood the offense could be committed at the employer’s business (Albright and Furjen). This offers a more balanced look at ex-cons, giving them a chance in the job market instead of being rejected solely based on a prior record. In some instances a criminal record will completely turn off an employer. Set stereotypes of ex-criminals get applied to every applicant with a record. Violent crime convictions and minor charges may all be treated and handled in the same manner. Every criminal is seen as the same, having no job skills and no education. “All convicts are alike. Many people assume that anyone who commits a crime, is sentenced, and serves time has a basic character flaw that is not found in the so-called ‘normal,’ unincarcerated population” (Henry and Odiorne). To be an offender means to have less
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