Empowering Women And Promoting Gender Equality

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Empowering Women and Promoting Gender Equality in Egypt

Angela Shams

Proff. Rue Ziegler

Dear Mr. Gates,

I write with great admiration and appreciation of your remarkable philanthropic efforts on behalf of health, poverty and education. Changing the world is a spectacular goal. Congratulations on your plans to dedicate more of your time to charity. I’m writing to you today for your help in funding my proposal to open a school for girl in Cairo. My father has recently passed and left me his estate in Cairo in which I would like open as school for girls to help mentor them. I am requesting a large sum to help me get the school up in running for the next five years, in which I will break down below. First I would like to go over some data about the current situation in education and employment in Egypt. And further on I will continue on in what details program. With your help we can help bring Egypt a better place for many.

Current Situation:

Schooling: Gender disparity has been a persistent problem in Egyptian education, however it is improving. The education of girls, particularly in poor areas, is inhibited by household opportunity costs and cultural factors. For families in rural areas, comparative international experience shows that educating girls is more costly than educating boys because of the need to have daughters perform household chores. Furthermore, the education of girls is not considered to be as important as the education of boys by…
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