Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management Paper

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Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management Paper Vanessa Cuffee September 5, 2014 BSHS/425 Heather Zuhurak The empowerment approach will ensure a client that help will be provided in a respectful and empowering way. Empowerment is used at my agency to lift and encourage clients to better their daily lives. In every aspect positive energy and approaches are used. The client’s strengths are building upon, and this helps strengthen his or her weaknesses. There are 12 basic principles in the empowerment approach. 1. Empowerment-oriented organizations create formal structures that support client’s participation in organizational decision-making. 2. Empowerment-oriented organizations create partnerships with program…show more content…
11. Empowerment-oriented organizations act to increase political power, as well as political influence of program beneficiaries of their own. 12. Empowerment-oriented organizations acknowledge the limitations of participatory management approaches and take proactive measures to balance inclusion in decision-making with tasks associated with organizational maintenance (Lewis, Lewis, & Packard, 2012). These principles would be used in my dream organization Children of our Future. The agencies Children of our Future work with children who have been abused, neglected, or have some type of disability. The first principle states that empowerment oriented structures support client's participation in organization decision-making process. I would provide a safe, warm, and comfortable environment in my dream agency which works with children. Parents and children will help make important decisions and provide feedback on their goals and plans. We give children the opportunity to draw pictures of what they want, and how they feel about the processes they will be participating in. We give children the opportunity to draw because of their age, and some are shy and would rather draw a picture. When it comes to making decisions about their children parents or guardians will be fully involved. The best resources and services for clients will be provided by my agency. Our agency works closely with consumers and outside agencies clients, members, and staff are all treated equally with
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