Empowerment, Diversity And Social Justice Issues

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Running head: Minority Groups and Women 2
Empowerment, Diversity and Social Justice issues are only relevant to minority groups and women

Yes, empowerment, diversity, and social justice issues are closely related to minority groups and women, but I wouldn’t say the above issues are only relevant to minority groups and women. According to an article by the name of Culture and Empowerment in the Deaf Community: An Analysis of Internet Weblogs stated, “Although deafness is traditionally conceptualized as a medical problem or disability, about 500,000 deaf people in the United States identify as members of an ethno-linguistic minority that takes pride in being deaf.” Also, this article stated, “A deaf woman had a fight with her brother, and called the police for help, but when the police arrived, they took the brother’s story as being the truth, and arrested the deaf woman, because they couldn’t understand her.” Yes, we as social workers are not to be judgmental in this field. Thus, this is why it’s important for us to fight social injustice, and seek to pursue change. Moreover, we as social workers have to be competent in this field, and recognize
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Thus, when we come together as a society, then change will come, but we have to keep fighting this war of social injustice, and so on.

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