Empress Luxury Lines Case Analysis

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To provide background regarding the Empress Luxury Lines case, in the case Kevin Pfeiffer, a computer technician initially told Antonio Melendez that it appeared that top management found a way to fund the computer system upgrade that he requested two years prior.
The beginning of this originated from problems incurred with the computer system when it was hit by a power surge from fierce thunderstorms from the night before. When this occurred, Phil Bailey, who was Kevin Pfeiffer’s supervisor was instructed to observe the damage to the system from the thunderstorm and report back to him. Once this request was made, Kevin Pfeiffer reported back to Phil Bradley and instructed that the damage to the underground wires and computer circuits
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Overall, there was a high degree of personal risk for Antonio Melendez and Kevin Pfeiffer. In addition to this, there was a low probability that the problem would actually be addressed; therefore, Antonio Melendez was concerned about whether or not he should just sweep the issue under the rug. In the analysis of this case, the first issue to be addressed is what obligations Antonio Melendez has to his subordinate, Kevin Pfeiffer if he uses the utilitarian approach to decision making. Before applying this approach to the situation between Antonio Melendez and Kevin Pfeiffer, one must first have an understanding of what the utilitarian approach involves. To define, as Daft (2010) states, the utilitarian approach is “the ethical concept that moral behaviors produce the greatest good for the greatest number” (p. 132). This approach to decision making was espoused by philosophers Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill (Daft, 2010). When applying the utilitarian approach, the decision maker is to consider the effect of each decision alternative on all parties and select the one that optimizes the benefits for the greatest number of people. In the Express Luxury Lines case, Antonio Melendez’s obligation to Kevin Pfeiffer can be looked at in two ways if he were to use to utilitarian approach. If Antonio Melendez applied the utilitarian approach, he would be basing his decision of what obligations he has to his subordinate based on what
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