Emptiness In The Heart Of Understanding

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In the spirit of The Heart of Understanding, the concept of emptiness is often confusing and seemingly paradoxical and contradictive with the phrase in Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra: “Form is emptiness, Emptiness is form, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form.”. However, by linking the ideas in the concept of emptiness into two main categories: Semantical, Psychological, the concept of emptiness can be better understood. In the most superficial aspect of emptiness, it’s semantical meaning is revealed in The Heart of Understanding as “the absence of something” (para. 9), rather than a more common interpretation of nothingness. When such semantical analysis is used, we can hence logically deduce the entity that…show more content…
It has greatly changed my nihilistic view towards the future. I always had a pessimistic and nihilistic view towards the future, as in my conception, we are all only walking to our own ultimate demise in the passage of time, where our sense of identity will eventually fade into emptiness. However, after understanding the concept of emptiness, there is a certain sense of belonging and optimism since all things are inter-being. Without emptiness, it would imply that matter is all present, indicative of the absence of change. Hence, Emptiness is impermanence and change. Nagarjuna, the Buddhist Philosopher of the second century even claimed that everything is possible due to the presence of change. Emptiness is something to be appreciated due to its optimism towards the ebb and flow of materialistic changes. This made me ponder - rather than viewing and focusing on myself as a separate entity in this mortal plane, we should embrace the fact that everything, even our unique perceptions and psychological aspects are intertwined and be more appreciative of matter that exists, and to embrace the everchanging nature of
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