Empty Out Your Car Essay

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The change of seasons is a great time to take some time to clean your vehicle and give it a proper cleaning before the fall season gets into full swing. Here is the best way to make sure that your vehicle looks great for the fall.
Empty Out Your Vehicle
Over time, it is easy to accumulate a lot of stuff inside of your vehicle. One day you leave a water bottle in the back, then the next day you put some baby wipes in the compartment behind your seat, and over time you add additional stuff until you have first aid supplies, reading material, extra outfits, party supplies and a whole lot more in your vehicle.
Just like when you move, create three piles as you sort through the items in your vehicle: throw away, recycle and donate. You are also
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Remove The Floor Mats
Next, take the floor mats out of your vehicle. Over time, dust and dirt can get under your floor mats and your floor mats can become caked with dirt and spills. If your floor mats are pretty clean, just vacuum them. However, if your floor mats are dirty, you may want to take some soap and a scrub brush to the floor mats and really scrub and clean them off. If you take this step, be sure to let your floor mats dry out before you put them back in your vehicle; you don’t want to put them back in when they are wet and allow mold and mildew to develop.
Wipe Down All Surfaces
Now you need to wipe down all the surfaces in your vehicle. Do this before you vacuum so that any loose dirt you dislodge can be vacuumed up later. Start at the top of your vehicle and work your way down so that dust falls down as you work. For example, start by wiping down the visors and the lights on the ceiling of your vehicle, then wipe down the dashboard and consoles, followed by the doors and lower compartments. Don’t forget to clean the area where the door meets the vehicle; this area is often overlooked and can be quite
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