Emr Innovation for Rv's Essay

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Raul Melendez RV EMR Innovations case 1. Succinctly describe the real product that EMR is attempting to market * Eric Reynolds and Mary Reynolds are a young couple that formed their love over RV’s (recreational vehicles) into a profitable business. In 1995, the Reynolds opened an RV repair business out of their home and by 1999 the business was large enough to allow them to open their own shop in Amana, Iowa. On 2002, Eric Reynolds came up with innovative products that helped or repaired RV deficiencies. They though that one of their products, called the “Lock-Awn” antibillow device for RV patio Awnings, showed great potential for future investments. Thus EMR innovations were developed with the potential Lock-Awn product to…show more content…
c. This will raise awareness directly to the target market and since almost all RV owners are constantly looking for renovation/innovation for their RV then it should be a product that will attract readers. B) Advertise on RV-related websites: d. Pros: links to other websites (such as a EMR website). Ads on their sites for minimal or no costs e. Cons: might not aware potential market enough to develop this conjunction with other websites f. This strategy targets the potential market for RV’s and will benefit the product because customers would have a image of how it works and looks. Costs are minimal so this strategy is very beneficial for a new product such as Lock-Awn. C) Develop promotional brochures: g. Pros: details the awning billowing problem and the benefits of the product. Available to dealers and RV parts distributors throughout the country. h. Cons: for 10,000 brochures the cost is $1,500, this might me a little to pricy i. The target market will be hit directly and the costs will not be a problem because the product will benefit immensely do to the fact that it is giving an over view of the product and what it does. D) Promote and demonstrate the Lock-Awn at RV shows: j. Pros: attract RV enthusiasts, every state has a virtual show each year k. Cons: again price could be viewed as pricy l. It is well targeting the
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