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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)/Paramedics Joseph Angell 11/23/2010 Dr. Wannamaker GUST 1270 Intro: Paramedics are emergency medical technicians more commonly known as EMT’s. EMT’s provide emergency treatment for the ill or injured on a scene and during en route to a medical facility. EMT’s are called upon at all hours of the day or night; typically the first medical specialist that a patient will call upon in an emergency. Paramedics are trained to provide lifesaving pre-hospital care in emergency situations. The range of medical services varies according to the level of training and/or certification. Question #1: What education/training is required for your entry into the career you have chosen? Answer:…show more content…
Answer: EMT’s and Paramedics with advanced education and certifications have the most favorable job prospect as clients and patients demand a higher level of care. Question: What salary can you expect? Answer: This varies based on the level of certification and type of employer. Those working in the public sector for police, fire, and health departments general receive a higher wage. Median can expect as low as $27,100 to high earning more than $45,300. Question: What are YOUR long-term expectations in this career area?) Answer: EMT’s can become supervisors, operation managers, directors, executive directors of emergency services or even sales and marketing of medical equipment. At this point, I am uncertain of my long term intentions as an EMT I am certain that one avenue I have thought of exploring is a physical therapist. Time will tell. Question #3: How do you see YOUSELF fitting into this career? Answer: I fell that I will fit in to this career as I have worked as a life guard which touches on the very basics of swimming and pool life safety. I enjoyed being with people and helping when needed. I also enjoyed the management side overseeing employees, and daily responsibilities. Question: What personality characteristics are required? Answer: A desire to serve people, emotionally stable and clearheaded. Inspire confidence with levelheadedness and good judgment. Good physical condition,
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