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Joel S. Lynn KSU 1101 13 November 2012 EMT Research Paper EMTs are such an essential part of society nowadays. In my opinion, this is one of the most important jobs out there. For just a moment, imagine that you are driving down the road on a rainy night and lose control of your car. You go flying off the road and into a tree on the side of the road. Everything goes fuzzy and all you can see are flashes of reality. You fade in and out, hearing sirens and seeing lights, but you have no control of your body. The next thing you know, you wake up inside of a small room, freaking out because you have no idea what has just happened. Eventually you realize that the small room you are in is the back of an ambulance, and you are being taken…show more content…
Before doing research, I was unaware that there are a few types of EMTs. I thought that there were only EMTs and Paramedics. The names can differ by state, but the three types of EMTs are an EMT-Basic or an EMT, an EMT-Intermediate or Advanced EMT, and a Paramedic. All three levels are trained to handle respiratory, cardiac, and trauma emergencies. An EMT-Basic is the simplest of the three. The skills of an EMT-Basic include evaluating the patient’s condition and caring for the patient while on the scene of an emergency and while transporting them to a hospital. An EMT-Intermediate has all of the training of an EMT-Basic, with the addition of higher skills, like giving the patient some medicines or using IVs. Paramedics are able to offer more advanced treatment than both lower EMT levels. They have the qualifications to give the patient IV’s, medicines, and use complex machines to monitor the patient (Summary). Becoming an EMT is not just an ordinary walk in the park. Each level of EMT has certain requirements, but all of them have the same basic starting point. One must have a high school diploma and attend specific training programs, which can vary from two to six month. These training programs can be found at places such as colleges, universities and EMS academies. Courses to become a Basic EMT normally consist of 100 hours of training in fields such as cardiac, respiratory emergencies, human
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