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EMusic is a new wearable technology. EMusic is as tiny as earbuds, but they have no cords that are attached to your phone or laptop. It can have all of your favorite songs stored into it. It can hold up to 2000 songs. EMusic comes in 8 various colors, which are: red, blue, green, neon yellow, purple, white, grey, and black. EMusic is for everyone and any ages that like to enjoy music. There is a small on and off button on the side of the earbud, and you can also activate it by voice recognition. EMusic comes in different styles of earbud. For example, there are regular earbuds and there are clip on earbuds. EMusic is also waterproof. The way to get your own music onto EMusic is to download the songs from a device using the other cord that…show more content…
There is of course a skip button. To listen to the radio or Pandora/ITunes, you would have to select that on the charging station. To listen to Pandora, you would need to have internet connection. Other than that, internet connection is not necessary for EMusic to work correctly. There are volume buttons on EMusic, also. EMusic is small, but there is enough room for the power, skip, and volume buttons. There is also one more surprise option for EMusic. Although it does come with a container for your EMusic, things can become missing sometimes. If somehow you find that you have misplaces your EMusic, there is an app that can locate it again. You can also locate EMusic through the charging station. In conclusion, all ages could benefit from having EMusic, since all ages can appreciate music. EMusic doesn’t require any annoying cords that have to be hooked up to a device all the time, that also get in the way. EMusic is also portable and there are ways to locate it. Everyone needs EMusic, for road trips or school or just to enjoy in general. Get your own EMusic now for only 95
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