En1320 Unit 9 Final Project

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As I began this project I saw no purpose of keeping track of all these different things. I proceeded through the project and started to keep track of my intake, macronutrient range, fat breakdown and stage of change reports and I found it quite helpful to keep track of all those things. This project made me ensure that I was on the right path to becoming a healthy human being. I did not realize how unhealthy my eating habits were until this project made me examine that, which was a good thing. I still find it hard to maintain a strict healthy diet while being at college. Sometimes I am forced to deviate from my healthy diet, but this project helps me get back on track.
My actual intake is not what I expected it to be, I never thought I would be eating some of the foods that I am now eating because of this project. This project made me realize how poor my intake was from the first essay. I use to intake some of the unhealthiest food ever, I never realized how much harm I was doing to my body. Now, my intake is fair, I think I’m very much satisfied with the progress and changes I have made in my eating habits. Eating healthy is truly not that bad at all. I had to motivate myself to change my intake tremendously.
Based on the data that is giving on my chart for
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This project made me realize the importance of eating healthy and the consequences behind eating unhealthy on a daily basis. I never realized how much unhealthy food destroy your body until I really examine each one of my charts. There are so many foods to eat to ensure that you’re always receiving some type of nutrition into your body. By doing this project it also helped me become more active physically, ultimately to keep my body in the best shape ever. Of course, I still deviate and eat unhealthy foods, but now I’m aware of how to put myself back on the right track whenever I fall short of
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