Enabling Learning Through Assessment

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3D Enabling Learning Through Assessment Part A Learning is something that everybody does, be it in the classroom or outside of it. Learning is an active ‘meaning-making process. Only information that has been structured and organised by the learner can pass into the long-term memory and then be used in real life. In order to achieve goals and progress in life we need to learn, be it every day survival skills or acquiring academic knowledge. To determine how much we already know or to determine how much we have learnt so far, there must be a means to test this. We would do this by assessment. Educational assessment is the process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge and skills. There are many different types of…show more content…
Herrmann’s ‘whole-brain’ model shows that everyone has a preference two of the four styles of learning which are: Theorist- the rational self (males often prefer this) responding to formalised lectures, textbooks, programmed learning and so on. Then you have: Organisers- the safe keeping self, who respond to thorough planning, sequential order discussions, text books and so on. You have Innovators- the experimental self who respond to spontaneity, free flow, playfulness, experimentation and exploration. Finally you have the Humanitarians- the feeling self (females often prefer this), responding to sensory movement, music, group discussion, empathy and role play. Therefore to keep it varied you would try to incorporate all four styles into your teaching as although we all have our own preferred style of learning we enjoy being challenged and benefit from learning new styles outside of our comfort zones. The assessments you choose should be interesting and contextual thus making them more appealing to the learner if it’s something they can relate of identify with. Assessments should be valued so the learner will gain something at the end of it and of course efficient, making allowances for time and resources. By using a diagnostic assessment for ESL students it was a very effective way to assess the different capabilities of each learner to a certain extent. This allows the teacher to put learners into the write level of study and allows the
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