Essay about Enabling Learning Through Assessment

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Enabling Learning through Assessment To enable learning is to equip and facilitate the learner with all the necessary skills required to understand and retain knowledge. One way in which the teacher can ensure that learning has taken place is through the medium of assessment – to evaluate what the learner has taken on board. Assessment methods help form a vital stage of a learner’s journey helping them to draw on skills they have acquired, and aids in the consolidation of the knowledge learnt. From the perspective of the teacher – assessment gives the advantage to better understand the learner’s level of knowledge and understanding relating to a given topic. This understanding feeds into to assist in the tailoring of each class…show more content…
Alternatively quizzes or tests completed individually in the first week of teaching are also a useful way for the teacher to assess the needs of learners and adequately prepare them for the structure of ongoing assessment for the duration of the course. Having assessed the student’s knowledge base the teacher can then proceed to the next stage of the assessment process - ongoing formative assessments. These ongoing formative assessments help ensure that students are able to demonstrate progressive understanding of the learning objectives; which are set for each teaching session. This stage of assessment would usually take the form of a combination of formal and informal assessment, including observation of practical activities and/or group exercises during sessions; cumulative project or coursework to form a final portfolio; essay writing; extension work, and a learning diary. All of these aspects of assessment form the basis from which feedback can be provided to address the learners’ performance, as well as acting as a tool to gauge each individuals strengths and weaknesses. These ongoing forms of assessment, along with tutorials to discuss progress are aimed to boost confidence, motivate and reassure learners that their understanding of the subject matter is moving forward, and address what can be done if improvements are necessary. Having assessed the progress of
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