Enabling Learning and Assessment

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Unit 16 Enabling Learning and Assessment Assessment offers the chance for invaluable feedback to be given to learners therefore offering an opportunity for learners to achieve progression and the ability to monitor and take control of their own learning. Assessment also offers the opportunity not only for the progression of learners but also for the progression of institutions, Ysseldake(2010) supports this argument “Assessment is a process of collecting data for the purpose of making decisions about students or schools...” Here Ysseldake(2010) is arguing that assessment offers the opportunity for institutions to monitor their own progression and success rate through the collation of assessment data.…show more content…
Eventually once the learners have completed their hairdressing log books, they are presented to an external verifier. Again the same process occurs. Task 2 All Learners are given access to the assessment rules, regulations and criteria at the beginning of their course. My awarding body is City and Guilds, if ever the learners disagree with my assessment decisions; they have the right to appeal to them. I believe my assessment methods to be fair, valid, reliable and they have been set at an appropriate level for the qualification they have been offered. I need to make assessment and learning opportunities available to all my learners. It is my responsibility to ensure the facilities within the learning environment are accessible for all my learners. Disabled learners needs are taken into account, and arrangements are put in place ready for their assessments. I have been responsible for teaching a deaf learner, I have particularly been aware of facing the learner whilst talking to them, and talking at a natural speed. This learner required handouts in advance, including diagrams images. To enable her to have ample time to prepare for assessments and clarify her understanding. I use a range of assessment methods to aid my learner’s diverse knowledge skills and academic backgrounds. I have discovered that by pairing a weaker learner with a more proficient learner enabled both learners to benefit from the usage of peer assessment. A high proportion
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