Enabling Learning and Assessment Essay

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Enabling Learning and Assessment Assessment activities Two of the assessment activities that I use are Worksheets (or written questions) and photographic evidence. These assessment activities are the most commonly found within my level 1 group. Worksheets within my area are a very versatile way of collecting information from the student, they can contain short answer questions, multiple choice questions etc. Worksheets are extremely valid because they are usually created by the awarding body of that qualification or by the teachers who have read through what the learners need to achieve. Because it is a direct way of assessing, the learners will not “go off task” as the worksheets are designed to be short, sharp ways of assessing that…show more content…
The other bad point to photographic evidence is that you may find yourself having to complete the session again as people may have been away for that session and not got themselves a photo. This can hinder your scheme of work etc. But I still feel that this is one of the best ways of gathering evidence, especially for the lower level groups as they not have the literacy levels to complete what the higher level groups will. Purpose of assessment For this part of the assignment I am going to describe and analyse summative assessment. Summative assessment can be described as: “…what students tend to focus on. It is the assessment, usually on completion of a course or module, which says whether or not you have "passed". It is—or should be—undertaken with reference to all the objectives or outcomes of the course, and is usually fairly formal.” (www.learningandteaching.info, 2010) Taking this approach makes the assessment very clear to the student, and not only confirms their overall mark, but also high lights what they have done well, and what they need to improve on; “Summative assessment is the process of evaluating (and grading) the learning of students at a point in time.” (www.qualityresearchinternational.com, 2010) Summative assessment also helps the assessor confirm that the student has

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