Enabling and Assessing Learning

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DFA7130 ASSIGNMENT TWO ENABLING AND ASSESSING LEARNING Introduction The assessment process in a teaching environment is a necessary requirement to enable you to be able to measure a student’s knowledge and understanding. Assessments come in many different forms and use many different methods, each are important in obtaining an outcome to which the tutor can obtain positive outcomes. Gravells (2008) suggests that assessment is a process of determining if learning has taken place. Gravells (2008) adds that assessment enables the assessor to find out if a learner has gained the required skills and knowledge needed at a given point towards a course or qualification. This is important to me as a tutor…show more content…
This could be from bathing a baby using a doll, or to simulating a hospital ward and have them move patients from the hospital bed to a wheelchair etc, this gives them a break from all the writing and researching they have to do and also gives them practical skills needed for when they progress onto a level two. This benefits the learners as well as me as they are motivated to learn and it provides me with different assessment methods. Summative assessment Summative assessment – this assessment comes in the form of a test or exam where you get a pass or fail result. This is a more formal assessment making method which involves learners taking exams; by doing this the teacher is then able to determine who is achieving. There are many opinions as to whether this type of assessment is in the learners best interests as it can cause anxiety and stress. Wilson (2009) suggests that the teacher should consider the total number of assessments and distribute them across the programme of study. In my area the functional skills test can cause some of my learners to become stressed. Because of this I now run mock tests were they sit in exam conditions and carry these out, they know exactly what to expect and how long they have, by carrying this process out over a period of weeks they have become more used to the setting and when they have their tests they are more relaxed knowing what to expect. Diagnostic assessment This is an evaluation of a candidate’s
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