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Misheailia Neil Which performances contained the greatest value in performance content (style, genre) and characteristics (audience response, performer interaction, company size, training; length of performance, structure, technique)? Identify 3 performances to build the content of your argument. (Noises Off, Orchesis, and Vivo Flamenco Carlota Santana) The performing arts has always had trivial meaning within the academic and artistic portions of my life, but after being continuously exposed to the Elmira College Encore Program for two consecutive semesters my creative side has truly…show more content…
The characteristics of this production certainly gave it a greater value. Another production that I felt contained the greatest value in performance content and characteristics was Elmira College’s very own Orchesis. The content of Orchesis was also unlike any other production that I attended all semester because it wasn’t limited to just one genre of dance. The several performances embedded within the show comprised of several diverse genres of dance ranging from ballet, to hip-hop, to tap, to jazz, to contemporary. This increased the production’s vale because we rarely get to attend a show that consists of a variety of styles with each one triggering a different mood. The characteristics of Orchesis, which consisted of audience response, performer interaction, training, and length of performance, also enhanced the show’s value. The audience found enjoyment in each dance routine, showing their gratification by singing along to the music selection, cheering for their friends, and clapping at the end. The audience’s actions and excitement surely gave the performers more encouragement and filled the theater’s atmosphere with enthusiasm. The performer’s interactions also escalated the audience’s enthusiasm by dancing with us. They would either come off stage or come from different places in the theater into the isles making the audience feel as if we were part of the show. The training that
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