Encountering My Cultural Identity:. I Have Experienced

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Encountering my Cultural Identity: I have experienced marginalization based on my Jewish identity through Anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism can be defined as “criminal and noncriminal acts of harassment and intimidation, including distribution of hate propaganda, threats, and slurs” towards the Jewish people (Cohen, 2010).
The first time that I experienced overt Anti-Semitism was when I moved away to University. Leaving the “Jewish bubble” of Thornhill left me feeling vulnerable and afraid to tell others who I really was. I began to hide my Jewish identity more and more, instead of embracing my religion. When my friends asked me why I would not go out with them on Friday nights, I made up different excuses each week as I did not feel
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This represents the power that my employers held in this situation. It can be very easy to take the privilege of food for granted. While I do not expect any form of special accommodations, they assured me that they would provide me with food that would meet my requirements. I would rather them have told me they could not accommodate my requirements rather than offer me false hope or try to persuade me to eat the Halal meal.
After this event, I went to sit down to eat with some of my coworkers. Due to the delay with getting my meal, there was no room at the table with my staff team. I found a seat at another table but I did not know anybody there. The table was filled with Christian, Caucasian males and females. When I pulled out my lunch, I was quickly asked questions about why I was eating a different meal than everyone else. When I am asked this question, I typically answer that I have dietary restrictions and the conversation usually stops there. If I am asked what they are, I tell them Kosher and explain a little bit about it. However, this experience was different. When I told the staff members at the table that I keep Kosher, one of the individuals responded with “Kosher, that’s the Jewish thing. I was talking to a Jew last week and I explained to her why her religion is invalid. Jews are cheap and dirty. I guess that would make you the same”. Everyone at the table started to laugh and nodded their
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