Encrypted Cloud Storage : A Survey Essay

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Encrypted Cloud Storage : A Survey
Sachin Keshavaiah Lohith University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Keywords : encryption, cloud, storage, cryptography, token, keyword
1. Introduction
The surge in advancements in distributed systems and networking technology and the advantages that it has brought along with it, has many individuals and organizations move from local to remote cloud storage [1]. Cloud storage falls under Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the series of cloud services where in, a user’s or organization’s data is stored in a nexus of remote servers. Cloud infrastructures can be broadly classified as either public or private. The remote servers provided by public cloud storage service, preserves the unhindered and efficient accessibility of a local storage server along with transparency while customers/users has access to their data. While there are benefits to using a public cloud infrastructure, it poses significant privacy and security risks [2]. The goal of this research is to obtain the degree of security that is indigenous to a private cloud environment in a public cloud environment with respect to data storage. To achieve such degree of security [1], a public cloud storage service should provide (at least):
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