Encrypted Data Management With Deduplication In Cloud Computing Case Study

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Encrypted Data Management with Deduplication in Cloud Computing

Hariharan.R1, Pourselvan.M1 and Hema Sundari.S1 guided by prof. Sudheer.K 1

1 vit university, site school, mca department, vellore , Tamil nadu , india - 632014

Abstract: Cloud computing plays an important role in supporting data storage, processing, and management in the Internet of Things (IoT). To preserve cloud data confidentiality and user privacy, cloud data are often stored in an encrypted form. However, duplicated data that are encrypted under different encryption schemes could be stored in the cloud, which greatly decreases the utilization rate of storage resources, especially for big data. Several data deduplication schemes have recently been proposed. However,
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However, the same or different users could save duplicated data under different encryption schemes at the cloud. Existing solutions for deduplication are vulnerable to brute-force attacks2 and can’t flexibly support data access control and revocation. Existing industrial solutions fail in encrypted data deduplication. Deduplication technology has become quite the staple in many data storage environments. But what makes it a good fit in one data center, may not be the case in another.


We proposes a scheme based on attribute based encryption (ABE) to deduplicate encrypted data stored in the cloud while at the same time supporting secure data access control. proposes to outsource only encrypted data to CSPs. However, the same or different users could save duplicated data under different encryption schemes at the cloud. Although cloud storage space is huge, this kind of duplication wastes networking resources, consumes excess power, and complicates data management. intra-user deduplication and inter deduplication. In their scheme, the ciphertext C of convergent encryption is further encrypted with a user key and transferred to the servers. However, it doesn’t deal with data sharing after deduplication among different users.

The scheme can easily realize data access control by introducing control policies into AP when calling EncryptKey(DEKu, AP, PKIDu) by updating AP to support
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