Encryption Technique Used To Secure Data

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Task 8 (M2)

Public and private key is an encryption technique used to secure data. Explain the operation and use of any encryption technique from the list below.
Encryption technique is the translation of data into a secret code that will prevent hackers or identity thieves from being able to break or read the data that is sent across the network.
Public key and private is a type of encryption technique that can be used ensuring that the communication on the network is secured. When you sending a message to someone through the network, will need to use the public key of the receiver and the receiver will use the private key to decrypt the message. This encryption will avoid unauthorised access to the message such as reading
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The web browser that user use to connect to the website and the web server that the website available on the internet uses a process call hand shake to ensure the data transmitted. The information that sent through between the server and user will be encrypted means that no one can decrypt them unless they have the private key of the message. SSL uses cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data such as public key which is a key known to everyone and private key known to the only to the recipient of the message .This will prevent hackers or identity theft from getting an access to the information. It will allow users to trust using their personal information or bank credit card within a website. The website that uses this type of encryption technique will track more viewers or customers to use the website. If is a shopping a website it will increase the company income because customers will uses the website to purchase product as they trust to use their information within that website. To add SSL to a website will need to need create a certificate signing request on the server, which will create public key and private key on the server. When a website uses SSL security will notice in URL link that there is a lock or a green bar included or
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