End 12th Cent: Mahayana Buddhism

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End 12th cent: Mahayana Buddhism
The accession to the throne in 1181 of King Jayavarman VII, a Buddhist of the Mahayana school, marked a radical change, with the building of Buddhist temples and monasteries throughout the Angkor region, filled with statues of Buddha instead of representations of the Hindu mythology. Mahayana Buddhism, also named Greater Vehicle, is a later version of Buddha’s teachings that spread in Northern Asia.
Mahayana Buddhism
Mahayana Buddhism places a greater importance on the Bodhisattvas, quasi-divine beings who delay their nirvana in order to help others attain it. The main Bodhisattva is Avalokitesh-vara (named Lokes-vara in Cambodia), whose giant faces at the Bayon temple express the religion’s four sublime states
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