End Of Shift Bedside Report Contents And Format

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End of shift bedside report contents and format


Nursing handover is the primary method of sharing patient information between shifts and ensuring continuity of care from shift to shift. Hand over between shifts is a practice that is basic to the organization of the health works and is an essential aspect of health care delivery. Nursing handover at the bedside should be an interactive process, providing opportunities for into and questions from incoming and outgoing as well as for obtaining the patient’s viewpoint. In particular, bedside handover ensures that patients remain at the center of their care. Accurate and detailed transfers are crucial to ensure oncoming staff can provide safe care. A real safety benefit of bedside handover is the fact that visualizing the patient may prompt nurses to recall relevant information that was given up and it may also trigger oncoming staff to ask additional questions. The Joint Commission (TJC) is calling for an increased focus on patient safety and quality in patient care areas.
Problem Statement

The traditional method of end-of-shift report prevents the nurse from making rounds on a patient for approximately an hour to an hour and a half into the shift . Delays in rounding mayThis puts patients at risk. There is the lack of consistency of how the report is given and also a lack of accountability for the patient’s safety as it relates to safety equipment at the bedside. The aim of this literature review is to

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