End The Cruelty And Abuse Essay

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End The Cruelty and Abuse Studies show fifty percent of animals who are shot with crossbows are wounded but not killed. (, 1). This is one of the few reasons that we need to join the fight to end the cruelty and abuse. Most often we do not hunt for legitimate reasons. My purpose is to educate people about all of the unnecessary, cruel, and destructive things going on in our society. Our wildlife does not need any more destruction than has already been done to damage are world. In both articles it talks about how hunting is ineffective. In the first article it states this fact, "Studies show that car/deer collisions increase during hunting season because hunters frighten the deer out of the woods and onto roads." (Lin 2). In the…show more content…
In the first article it talks about how some practices of hunting are trophy hunting and canned hunting. Some hunters think that technology gives no chance in hunting. (Lin 2). In the second article it states, "The vast majority of hunters do not kill for subsistence." (Halloway 1). That means that they do not kill because they or someone else is in need of food but because they want to. This can be a big problem because people who actually want to hunt because they are in need of food may not be able to find any deer to kill. Because most often hunters do not kill for food nor needed materials, this is becoming a huge problem in society. Although most people do not find the sport hunting to be a major problem if you look at the facts it will really start to sink in that this needs to be stopped. Even today most of the wildlife foundations do not understand the kind of long term damage hunting can cause. Although this is an unknown fact whitetail deer are now endangered due to overhunting. (, 1). In order to stop this we need to ban together to stop hunting.

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