End Times Mayan Calendar

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In the “Dark Inside” presentation, I constructed 2 slides and helped Hayden and Chris with their own slides. The two slides I made were “End Times Islam” and “End Times Hinduism”. I also made half of “End Times Mayan Calendar”. I described in minimal detail how, in their religion, the world will end. This relates to our book because, in Dark Inside, the world is pretty much getting destroyed and people try to survive.

“End Times Islam” is about how the world would end in, in the Quran. It is said that there are three periods of life and after the three periods end, then the world ends. The first period began when Muhammad passed away. Muhammed is supposedly the prophet and founder of Islam, which is why when he died, it was “devastating for Islam's” according to the Quran. When Muhammad passed away, the first period ended. The second period commenced with the deaths of Muhammad's companions. We today live in this second period. No one knows when this period will end, but Islams
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The 2012 phenomenon was when lots of people were saying the world would end on December 21st. This rumour started when people found out what the Mayan Calendar was. The Mayan Calendar is a system of calendars used to track time by the Mayans. It is said that this calendar only can track 5126 years, once it passes that set amount of years, a new life commences.This occurred on December 21st, and that is why lots of people thought everyone was going to die. Mayans hosted many “end of life” festivals before this day came. Once the day passed by and nothing happened, they denied any claim of saying the world would end and also said that people “hyped” it up themselves.

In conclusion, this shows that religions are extremely diverse and have many different beliefs. Some believe that the world will end in a very long time (Hinduism) and others believe that it will end soon (Mayans). That’s what I learned when completing this
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