End of Life Care Essay

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Workbook 2 Assessment and Care Planning in End of Life Care
Q1: Complete the following table, describing the needs you would have to consider when planning the different aspects of end of life care for an individual Planning for | Description of the needs that should be considered | Physical needs (health and well-being) | Some physical needs are essential in order to sustain life and remain healthy; other physical needs contribute to comfort and satisfaction. The physical needs essential for health are oxygen, water, food, protection and sleep. Some of these link to maslow’s hierarchy of needs which explains that if our basic needs are not addressed then we cannot progress further, when a person feels in good health they feel
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Each part enhances supports and affects the others. Individual wellness is reflective of how each of these factors is addressed.
When planning realistic care, the needs of others should be taken into consideration. (Others could refer to family members, friends, work colleagues or carers.)
When an individual is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and they are supported by a family member, an assumption is made that care will be provided by that relative. A carer assessment is used as part of holistic care to assess the carers own needs, preferences and wishes in order to assess whether they can provide adequate care for their relative. It would be good practice for carers to complete a questionnaire as a form of self-assessment, it helps give care providers a better picture of carers needs and abilities to care. All assessments must be reviewed at regular intervals as needs and abilities can change. When planning the care you also need to take into account the spiritual and religious needs along with emotional needs of not just the individual but also the family/carer, when providing support the family etc may find it distressing and you may need to ask them to leave if they become too upset, you could warn people in advance about what you are going to be discussing thus preparing them ready.
Practical needs are often required by family and carers, things such as washing/bathing, day to day living tasks etc. You will

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