End of Life Decisions

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Running head: END OF LIFE DECISIONS End of Life Decisions Tina Hancock Roberts PHI 208/Ethics and Moral Reasoning Professor Stanley Stolte September 1, 2014 End of Life Decisions The decisions we all make at the ending of our life as we know it on earth have been of question as it relates to ethics for years. If a person decides to end their own life by refusing medical care, is this still considered suicide? Is it even morally acceptable to the families who face these situations? In most religions, it is considered a sin to take one’s own life, so how can we be ethically and morally accepting of assisted suicide in people with terminally ill diseases? In this essay, we will examine this issue further and…show more content…
One may argue that assisted medical suicide is the same as taking a gun and blowing your own brains out. However, for those who may have watched a family member battle a disease such as cancer that destroys the human body, they may understand the point of assisted suicide and accept it as being ethical. In this essay we have examined ideas from both sides of this ethical dilemma and in the end it is up to each person to decide what is ethically and morally right for them. References Cable News Network. (2014). Choosing death can be like a 'birth,' advocates say. Retrieved from
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