End of Life Medical Issues Essay

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Euthanasia: When should be the End?
Christina Nichols
PHI208 Ethics and Moral Reasoning
Craig Thompson
June 6, 2014

End of life medical issues are a very sensitive subject for doctors, patients, and family members. Some support the patients’ right to terminate their own life. Euthanasia loosely called physician assisted suicide is when one takes deliberate action to end life when faced with persistent suffering and certain death (Medical News Today, 2012).Many feel that patients should not have to suffer unjustly when faced with serious pain and debilitating illness. Often times it is just as difficult for family members to stand by and watch loved ones suffer. As someone that has witnessed both my grandmothers die on hospice
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We would have to have a general rule of practice when deciding when treatments would be denied based on one’s health. I believe that each person’s medical issues and chances of survival are unique, and they should be treated as an individual. If care were based on the ability to provide physician assisted death in the United States I believe that patients would not receive the best care. Insurance companies and doctors would be making decisions based on financial gain or loss. Physicians and insurance companies may even persuade patients and patient’s families to make decisions regarding care that are solely based on money. In the video End of Life Care, Professor of Law Richard Epstein describes people in terms of investments, in which hospitals would bounce from the emergency room those who are most likely to die (ForaTv, 2009).
Lastly, euthanasia should not be an option because only God should be allowed to determine when ones journey has been completed. I believe as long as a person is present their life holds value. Only God should be able to choose when your life is complete. He has put us here for a reason, even though at times that reason is not evident to us. Our bodies are designed to endure only what they can handle, it is only when the body can endure no more that it shuts down. People should not be the decision makers on who gets to live or die, that type of power should not
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