End of Life Essay

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Kristin Adler Contemporary Moral Problems December 15, 2009 End of Life I would like to start off by answering two questions: “What is a person? and “What is death?” When I started looking up a definition for “person” it amazed me how many different variations there are. I feel that a person is one that is recognized by the law and has rights and duties. A person also has the moral right to make its own life-choices and to live without interference from others. Death is an eternal termination of all vital functions. The website death-and-dying.org says “death is the cessation of the connection between our mind and our body”. I do agree with this statement with the thought that when death occurs our consciousness leaves the…show more content…
"Every physician should have a base level of competency in providing good quality end-of-life care." (www.canada.com/ottawacitizen) I agree with caring for a dying patient however they wish. It should not matter if it is physician assisted suicide, extraordinary treatment, euthanasia or the standard hospice or palliative care. How the patient wants to spend their remaining days should be their choice not a doctor’s decision. The Utilitarian says that you should be free to do what you like as long as the consequences of what you do don’t harm anyone else. I’m struggling with the notion of the Utilitarian agreeing with ending someone’s life. On the one side I see where assisting in the person’s death upon their request will bring pleasure and relief but the family will be affected by the consequences also. The action of ending the patient’s life will be hurtful to the family by taking the life earlier than nature intended. This is then contrary to utilitarianism. Deontological argument is the simplest moral outlook on suicide and holds that it is necessarily wrong because human life is sacred. Therefore this moral theory is opposite to how I see things, I agree life is sacred but when death is imminent and the patient is in pain or no longer able to function and the person chooses to end their life, then I feel their wishes should be met. There are two main type of relativism. Descriptive ethical relativism claims
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