End the Lie vs. The New York Times Newspaper

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The Proposal
Media is everywhere, but determining what an accurate picture of reality is can be difficult. With all of the mainstream corporations out there, giving the people the full truth is not as important as protecting their economic interest. End The Lie leaves you with unanswered questions, while questioning the information given. However, The New York Times’ perspective of the Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control goes more in depth and is more reliable than the alternative source End The Lie. End The Lie’s article use the method of media manipulation,s False Balancing because there was a lot more mocking of the situation or questioning of President Obama than giving actual information
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The New York Times includes important sources thato help the reader feel more secure about the information given. The type of propaganda that the journalists Mark Landler and Jonathan Weisman often used thewas Testimonial device. The New York Times’ quotes in the article were by people who are well- known by the populace. A quote stated by someone who is well recognized generally helps the reader believe what is being said versus a quote by a person who is not well recognized. This is why Landler and Weisman decided to include President Obama and Secretary of¬ State John Kerry in for quotes in their article. By using these individuals, it also links the story and helps verify the information that was given to the targeted audience. End The Lie’s article had numerous quotes, but some were by recognizable people and others were anonymous. Having an anonymous source in an article is skeptical because anyone could have said it, and that person may not know much about the Russian proposal or the any other diplomatic path that is trying to be focusedsolutions. Also, on or the journalist could have easily added their own opinion by quoting themselves and hiding behind an anonymous source. The New York Times’ article used the propaganda device, Plain Folks by placing a quote from President Obama talking about President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons and how it could not be tolerated. “The images from this

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