Endangered Animals Are Endangered Species

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Every year Florida’s wildlife animal numbers decrease at an alarming rate. Endangered animals exist all over the world, but Florida’s official state animal is one of the most endangered animals in the entire world. The main reason some animals become declared as endangered is humans. Humans have caused a huge toll on the wildlife’s lifespan and have become a burden in their natural way of living. It is how the human population behaves that decides whether these animals can live a normal life or pushes them into endangerment or even extinction if the case is severe. Many of Florida’s wildlife animals are endangered due to the consequences of pollution, the behavior of poaching, and the loss of habitat. Pollution is one of the top reasons why many of Florida’s animals are endangered or are classified as threatened in result of becoming endangered. The most common form of pollution that affects the aquatic life in Florida is called water pollution. Water pollution is “pollution in water occurs when a chemical, physical or biological element causes a body of water to become toxic, unusable or inhospitable to living organisms” (Gemma). In other words, when foreign substances enter the water, the aquatic life is not familiar with these substances; it disrupts the normal lifestyle of these animals. When the case of water pollution is severe, it goes to the extremity of disturbing the animals so much that many of them begin to die off because they cannot adapt to these new…

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