Endangered Species Essay

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Richard Nixon once said, “Nothing is more priceless and worthy of preservation than the rich array of animal life with which our country has been blessed.” The world is full of a wide variety of animal and plants. On the other hand, some of that variety is endangered. The definition of an endangered species is a species that is at a critical risk of extinction. Not only can different species be endangered, they can also be categorized into six major categories which are; vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, and extinct in the wild. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) is one of the main resources for the categorization of these species. The Genus name is Macaca silenus and it is a part of the endangered species category. This lion tailed macaque is endangered because of deforestation of their habitat. It is estimated that there are less than one thousand individuals remaining in their habitats in India. During the last few decades there has been a dramatic decrease. This species has declined due to habitat fragmentation (Singh). This form of deforestation is caused because of the major increase in agriculture in the Indian mountains. While deforestation is the leading cause in their endangered status, it is not the only reason. Over the years there has been an increase in shelters and safe zones for this species, but will their population continue to decrease? lion tailed macaque is also called the Wanderoo, which is the common name, is a primate that spends most of their lifespan in the trees of the Western Ghats mountain range in three southern states in India. Which are, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This species can weigh up to twenty-two pounds and can reach the length of twenty-four inches long when in adulthood (IUCN). They have a dark black slim body with a lighter area with a grey silvery fur that hangs down surrounding the face. They receive the name “the lion tailed macaque” because of their tail, which is long tuft and slender. The lion tailed macaque is considered the most endangered and smallest group of the species the macaque monkey. Monkeys of this species type only live in small family groups of three to four which usually are composed of a female, her
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