Endangered Species Of The Species

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Endangered Species
More than 10 million species are yet to be discovered in the world, many of which are found in the deepest parts of the ocean, some, too small to see without a microscope. Some of these species are endangered due to the rate at which their habitats are being destroyed, many of the discovered species that are not endangered are to be endangered soon due to the previously stated reason. (Endangered Species International) Species in the world are being endangered in more than one way including: habitat destruction, moving a species into a new habitat, and abusing the use of the species. The species of the world are a great part of everyday life; they give humans the basic needs to survive and also provide other species with their needs to survive.(“Endangered Species”) Species are endangered in many ways and there are many organizations working to make the world safe from extinction.
Some people are confused about what an endangered animal is. As said by Environment Advisor, "endangered species are those considered to be at risk of extinction, meaning that there are so few left of their kind that they could disappear from the planet altogether." (“Endangered Species”) There are many endangered species across the world that need the attention of people that are willing to help them from going extinct. Some people, however, think that saving the endangered species is a waste of time. These people choose to believe in natural selection. Natural Selection
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