Endangered Species Protection

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Endangered Species Protection Around the world, animals are born and die every day. One problem the world is facing is for certain species, the death rate is higher than the birth rate. Several factors contribute to the decrease in certain species populations. Two prominent solutions to the problem are under debate. Captive breeding and conservation of habitats are two ways that animal extinction issues can be solved. The question is which one is the right way to go? 5,926 species are classified as threatened or endangered by the IUCN (INternational Union for the Conservation of Nature), but only 120 are involved in international zoo breeding programs (Whiting). Projects around the globe are working towards the common goal of keeping animals from extinction. The world is trying to find a way to save these species efficiently and successfully. Unfortunately, many of these programs are doing this the wrong way. Captive breeding in zoos is diminishes from the work and funding needed in conservation efforts. While captive breeding programs may help keep animals from extinction, efforts should be put towards conservation movements to promote improved long term effects. This paper is going to discuss the benefits of work in conservation over captive breeding. The definition of conservation is the act of preserving and restoring the environment. Captive breeding is defined as the action of breeding and raising animals in environments like zoos. Conservation is
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